Lyrics to Smoke Da Weed
Smoke Da Weed Video:
I smoke the weed trying to hide the pain
Spendin all my time, smoke my life away
You can feel it inside, take a look in my eyes
Can you feel the pain
Mary Mary, take my pain away
With struggle in time, spittin all over my face
Take a look in my eyes, don't you dear look away
Mary Jane maintains, tryin to heel my pain

[Romero New Mexico Lobo:]
Kickin in the door with the double dawg pumped
Shot gun trucha comin in people screamin
And pushin and shovin I'm buggin I'm thugin and muggin
Showin no love to you and my cousin now what [shut the fuck up]
Bringin heat like an oven they call me no good for nothin
I'm always huffin and puffin about to get into some thin
And if you startin I'm jumpin in the Clika I'm bumpin it
New Mexico Lobo I ain't the fool to be fuckin with
Ignitin like dynamite my beat is automicly
An automatic ak-47 ain't no stoppin me
Got the chronic got a problem G
I'm Romero like rufetho I'm a always be on top of things
I put the chronic in the bowl take a mothafuckin pull
Like a mothafuckin fool like a mystery know who
I'm a lobo I'm a rebel I'm an angel I'm a devil
I'm a norte I'm a sur on the eastside of the west
If you wish me all the best, I'm a keep you in the chest
See you see me all depressed, see you see me smokin stress
See you see a lobo blessed I was never nothin more I was never nothin less
Put my life on the beat comin live from the streets I'm a fill me up a drink
Take a toast to the very up most gettin weeded til I'm comatoast
Mary Mary all I needed I'm a get you blown home grown
All my road dawgs know that I give it all I got
Always blowin out the spot, 4:20 on the dot
Time to fire up a crop, everybody puffin on it when I'm blazin up the chronic non stop
So I'm a hit on the drop, hold it in, let it out, I'm so mothafuckin high
That I'm bleedin from the mouth, wrap my tongue up on the mic
I'm a smoke away my life tryin to hide from the pain


[Bad Boy:]
Smokin some weed on the daily waiting for the death says
Since the 80's, I lived in a crib full of babies
Left in the dark was a spark in the park
Walkin with a strap, with no where to go, Mary
Mary Jane, helped me to ease the pain
And maintain the gank to stay game
Started hustlin the dope to change and make thangs
Stop fuckin with the hoes, get up and get paid, homie
Get made, I got me a weapon to spray, I was lost for a day
Walkin the street with a heat and some hay
And ended up locked in a cage, like a slave
Caught in a daze, funny as fuck you could say
I got out and got blazed, took a turn lookin up how to change
Was tellin a Bad Boy not to play
But Mary Jane along with the nuts to get brave
And the hopes to get saved
Got me a name and a gang I would kill for
Takin my bull shit to the grave
Nothin but 7 0 2 blues, troops in a 82 Coup Duece
Gotta move, my attitude's screwed
Gotta get me some weed to get me through
Smokin with nothin to do, writtin and rappin and shit
It ain't nothin new, livin and waitin til death do us part
For my dreams to come true [Say it again]
Smokin with nothin to do, writtin and rappin and shit
It ain't nothin new, livin and waitin til death do us part
For my dreams to come true

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