Lyrics to Smock
Smock Video:
{Aesop Rock}
middle fingers to the shingles and vein
divide skies with the bringers of rain (people are strange)
like a paranoid species on the eve of decay
arrange some beacons in a sequence of remedial shapes
I might

{Rob Sonic}
for your medicine little pills on the drying tongue
sold too many feeders to farmers instead of buying one
highest rung tooth pick splintered into your sinus lung(?)
cue tip? (I'm good) no, you're just dying young

{Aesop Rock}
God when he box
long arm outlined
laws allocating Mallon by the alpines
stat, jowl line choppin up his wonder years
dretherscope(?) forever undiscovered here (want air?)

{Rob Sonic}
for the rabbit ears at
your rival's house
smoke ring roped to the wing
of that'll spiral down
devil work, metal merchants, and muffler thieves
luggage wrapped to your parts
and his heart's in his dungarees

over the city, under cement
over the counter, under the lens
over the limit, under arrest
over the bra, under the dress

{Rob Sonic}
down beat
these ugly ducks get their grease flock
hand job buyers
and bikers to get their grease smock
freak watch tigers
guygers to get the sketch pad
drew em' by the underlings fumbling with their guest pass

{Aesop Rock}
I don't touch faith
ye drown clutched unto thine flood gate
peace out cupcake (sup?)
some(?) believers run your codes and bonus features
a frogger in the traffic from a lair of lotus eaters

{Rob Sonic}
new heights with the two knight armada
the callous part challenge malt two flights and charter
march a flag, parking bag
been a bit since we struck gold
see me by the (...?) while travel trust grove (want smoke?)

{Aesop Rock}
eight clams, noodle biters, at a fox hole
document his bait and swap, heist job gonzo
sound proof hoodie, hounds tooth ox b(...?)
spotted robbin' gobstoppers out the odd Costco

over the bridge, under the tent
over the budget, under the rent
overexposed, under-assessed
over the phone, under her breath

{Aesop Rock}
four to sky, fortified eye sores
in a chorus line of pea soup and glorified gore
dole out punishment, barkin' mad
tattoo brains on bricks, arts and crafts

{Rob Sonic}
behind the pines sold kitty clutch and (...?) jars
mommy got her muscles out, muscled out at the (...?)
Ouija board seance, crayons that match your cheeky scar
caught two years prior when wired down at the Tiki bar

{Aesop Rock}
hello, I'm reaching
beat the plain clothes and keep the J-lo, genie
mutilated school faced halo breezy
on the last known payphone breathing (want feeling?)

{Rob Sonic}
in the bag where we skip rock, choppy tied saddle
apocalypse chocolate chips on the sloppy side
not kicked, occupied
lock lipped, habberdash
buried X treasure
better drunk, bury (...?)

over the river, under the fence
over the TV, under again
over the moon, under your bed
over the weekend, under your ex
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