Lyrics to Smiling Girl
Smiling Girl Video:
She was the smiling girl, It could light up the world, And well did she know, That she had a hold on a man, The more that she showed to a man, The more she controlled, 'Cause she was the smiling girl, They said, ?Keep away from the girl, She' nothin' but bad news.? And she had a jealous man, Said she wanted rid of him, She lay by my side, An' he was the hard-workin' kind, Nothin' but her on his mind, She was his prize, 'Cause she was the smiling girl, Said, ?What do you want from me girl, Blood on my hands?? And oh boy, you were warned this would happen! And oh lord, you'd have known this was comin, Yeah, he came out lookin' for her, He found us both together, Beware the wrath of the jealous man, If he could not be with her, Then she could be with no other, And so it is and will always be.

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