Lyrics to Smile Like That
Smile Like That Video:
it's been a while since I've seen that smile
how can you ..wonder
and it's nothing supernatural to wonder if you ever loved her
I ..when I see that I can make you smile like that
smile like that
it's a .. I ..each word and make you smile like that
smile like that love freely but ..
I wanna to be loved like ..

now I like open in love freely in love
not like that ..people

just to, just me just you
but I don't really ..if you smile like that
if it's something you can't held
don't worry but don't pretend you don't see what's obvious to me
when you smile like that
it's natural just leave it be and maybe find some ..
smile like that
I wanna smile like that and still love freely in love love you people
set you free
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