Lyrics to Smelly Puke
Smelly Puke Video:
(Yeah come on guy, play it, give me the beat now, aw, right aaawwaah,
Yeah, monkey child, monkey child, monkey child)

I'm goin to the zoo every Friday morning
I saw a man on the bus and he had a puke
He went upstairs and pretended he didn't puke
But his smelly puke was all over the downstairs

Old women got on the bus
And they could smell the smelly puke
And they had to go upstairs
With me and the man who did the smelly puke

Yeah, i did, aaaannnd the smelly puke
He did, ooh yeah let me tell you

The bus driver wasn't happy
He radioed into his friends
He said hello is Anto there?
We got one of them guys on the bus,
Hheeeeeeee he did one of them smelly pukes
Now he's gone upstaaaairrs,
Should i go upstairs and smash his head against the front window?

Smelly puke, he was a dirty little smelly puke
Yeah, yeah, yeah

And then i got off the bus
And i don't know what happened to the man who did the smelly puke
On the downstairs of the bus
On the way to the zoo, do you? Do you?

I don't know,
Anything else about the bus with the smelly puke
And the man who did the smelly puke
The old women who smelled the smelly puke
The bus driver who didn't like it either
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