Lyrics to Smash Hls
Smash Hls Video:
Can you hear the victim's scream,
Cambridgeshire constabulary protects rapists in the ranks of their forces
And evil fucking scientists

Murder in the name of progress,
500 animals die at HLS everyday
Just another statistic of Animal Abuse.

Benefits Multinationals,
Cosmetics, petrochemicals, GM food
In the end it's killing me & you.

Smash HLS close the fucking place down
Smash HLS what about Porton Down
Animal Rights will never go underground

What does this abuse achieve?
Eyelids sewn up bodies cut up, electrodes through the head
War is waged on Animals.

It's a war on people too
With products that kill
Useless waste Vivisection.

Well it's the way of the fucking system
Backed up by police state
So we can't act before it's too late.

You don't wanna be preached to about
Animal Rights you think it's a load of
Liberal Middle Class shit.

Boycotting products, choosing alternatives,
Spreading information, raising funds,
Are ways of saving animals lives.

Protest, resist, don't be intimidated
if they label you â??terroristâ?,
remember you are the ALF
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