Lyrics to Smarty Pants
Smarty Pants Video:
By the way My name is Smarty Pants I could win a man With just one glance And not ????????? Give my man a run Make him believe that he's to blame [CHORUS] They call me Smarty Pants Looking for a man All it took was just one glance From this Smarty Pants From the day I laid my eyes on Dan I knew then, I had to win this man So I got ???????????? And I gave him somethin' Really goin' on [repeat CHORUS 2x] My first man Look like the joke's on me There's ??????? ?????? To be They call her (Smarty Pants, Smarty Pants) (Smarty Pants, Smarty Pants) (Smarty Pants, Smarty Pants) [repeat CHORUS 6x] [SKAT]

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