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Lyrics to Smart Means Sick
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drink up to meet up
and get lost along the way
the two of us on a one night stand
one will want one more day
trade in our empty beds for
release and embrace
hinting at our childish sides
in unison and out of place

i've got these addictive tendencies
i've got these depending needs
i've been looking for a few quiet nights
if you find some please ca;; ,e
after the drugs and brief kissed
after we peel away skin
we are left naked and alone
seeking refuge from our sins

clinging to possibility
and clinging to the sheets
i'm afraid of what this couldn't be
i'm afraid we won't be speaking by next week
locked on to the thought of you
i hate it when it comes down to this
it's that instant atteaction
it's that we'll never know what we missed
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