Lyrics to Small Town
Small Town Video:

If I strolled into your town

would you follow me around

If I Hung out on your block

would you telephone a cop


if I was new around here hittin on your daughter

and took her to the creek and fucked her in the water

then she brought me home and I put on your robe

would you be mad enough to let you barrels explode


If I sold your son cocaine

would you put a bullet in my brain?

If I stole your favorite cow

would you cock the hammer back and be like Pow!

(I'll bet you would)


I think I like it here

Ok Ill stay(convinced me)

I think I like it here

Im movin in today

I think I like it here

Ok Ill stay(convinced me)

I think I like it here

Im movin in today


your daughter she just had sex with me

I fed her some drank and ecstasy

If I didnt steal your car

would you let me live in your bar?


I dont have a problem with small town folk

I like y'all soon as I flip this dope

Ima open a tittie bar next to the school

Im glad we all neighbors I mean I think its cool


If I walk in your church drunk out my mind

would you still let me sip up on that red wine

If we Played your shitty town

would you help me, and pass these flyers 'round?

chorus again

Violent J:

Southern love baby

don't doubt it

don't let my records fool ya im about it

I love fat rednecks who fuck they kids

beat they wife and yet serve no bids

only judge in town, hes also a cop, hes also the barber at the hair

chop shop

He the mayor the clerk

shit what im speakin' he the one fuckin his kids and wife beatin

There aint no law gonna punish himself

Thats why the carnival's bad for your health

when we get there we gonna get rid of ya

they gonna find a piece of your head in Bolivia

I'll lay you out front, with your corpse to rest

and a hatchetman flag stickin outta your chest

Say hello to the new sherrif Violent J

With one law, let there be "Juggaloism" all day

Chorus repeated till end
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