Lyrics to Sly X Stones Throw

Hold up, hey now, the beast in me
Is no longer sleeping, it wants to eat MCs
So I let 'em free, let 'em feed peacefully
Until he ceases, now the Beast must drop feces
But I neva let it free fall, I catch it and spit it
I kick shit that blows whole districts in attendance
With pen in fist I take tallys, of your scrimmages
Can't call it game, my fuego wicked as witches is
The kids spits juego sicker than syphilis
So sister and brothers grab a shove start digging this
Matter fact, grab a Nikon and picture this
An icon with no assistant and no assistin' this
Reminisce the number one plus twenty three
My days are sunny with steeze sweeter than honey bees
Waters are muddy I'm cunning running from nothin b
Now I'm fucking muffin motha fuckas ain't touchin' me
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