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When I die in my dreams ...
I see you
Let the road erode

When I die in my dreams
I see my life like movie scenes
I'm paralyzed
Eyes fixated on the screen
I'm in this dark theatre
I'm all alone
I am in oblivion
And I am finally home
I see every day, clip by clip
do i crumble? do i stand tall? do i slip?
do i stumble? rumble in the belly
I'm so hungry that I tremble
I watch my whole world disassembled
I watch myself watch TV, I watch myself feeding
I watch myself sleep and play my CD's
I watch the whole world pass me by
I watch myself work, watch myself jerk, watch myself lie
I watch the days turn to months, then to years
While my soul sleeps dormant under instituted fears
Many tears shed
Am I really dead or still just dreaming
Spent my whole life hiding from myself-
My inner demons
Now I'm screaming out, but there's no sound
Just a clock counting down to the end of everything that I am
Like sand slowly falling fast through the hour glass
We all know nothing ever lasts so everybody wears their own mask
I'm in this dark theatre, inside my head
But then the hairs on my neck stand up in sudden dread
I feel someone else here, not me, not the clock
Something more sinister waiting, lurking in the dark

It says-
"I'm a God, I'm a devil, I am death
And I may look harmless but I am poisonous
I may hear, I may see, I may touch, I may breath
and I may taste so good but I am poisonous"

I can't escape- It's too late- This is my tomb
And I can hear that voice laughing from the back of the room
I feel its cold hands tearing through me... the end is close
I don't believe in miracles anymore-
No, but I believe in ghosts
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