Lyrics to Slow Your Roll
Slow Your Roll Video:
Yeah nigga, this hit is a hustle
Niggaz be hustlin backwards
But they all need to slow down, and get some game first nigga

Boy you better get some game (slow your motherfuckin roll)
Listen what a nigga sayin... (slow down)
Boy you're 'bout to lose control... (yeah)
This is how you need to roll... (slow down)
The lil' homey got shot
Doin just a whole lot... (yeah, hold up)
Cause he just wouldn't listen
Now the nigga dead or the nigga in prison

Slow down muh'fucker, I think you're movin too fast
You a crash dummy, your parkin leaves you ready to crash
If you ask me, I'll say fuck ya, buck ya I'll come up and touch ya
With them hammers I'll nail you down
I can't tell you hardhead niggaz nothin
'Specially when you come up from nothin and get somethin
It's comatose, I leave you unconscious
I'm a nauseous, street nigga who out to stomp this
With an attitude, you know I got to feud
Allude[?] the fierce motherfuckin nigga cause you so confused
Abuse in battle my tactics
To all you niggaz who be thinkin so plastic
I stay on my grizzy my grind, run my bling every time
I got that good shit because it's hard to find
I stay quick to climb, got my mind on my money
And my money on my mind, nigga all the time, slow down

[Chorus: w/ different ad libs]

Nigga, doin too much out of bounds out of touch
Out of sync out of whack off beat off track
Too much motherfuckin pressure nigga no aim
No focus, no goals, no G in you, no game
Niggaz wanna go get money with no game
Pimpin black bitches and snowbunnies with no game
Got a Chinese bitch that told me 'bout yo' spot
Your whole entire clientele on yo' block
Better watch... smashin on you busters off top
Two choppers, two glocks
You need to calm down, before you get surround
How much, could I get for a busload of birds
Try to jack me 'fore it get served
Murder currency a word
A trial[?], house borough and suburb
Calicos with teflon to overlook the curb, slow down

[Chorus: w/ different ad libs]

Come around here, get your head bust over the pavement
No fuck nigga, what the fuck was you sayin
Niggaz around here homey ain't jokin or playin
We runnin niggaz over when the gun be sprayin
Bodies talk, bullshit walk, sidewalks in chalk
The nigga caught slippin cause his ass is hot~!
He movin like a locomotive, now he's dead
Nigga and bangin was the motive, last word spoken

Bodies gettin stretched from Tacoma to Oakland
On the streets, heartbeat, bang and bust
Just shut the fuck up and take some game from us
I got purple, blueberry, cash and hoes
I got a nickel nigga strip, elbows and toes
Every word that's comin out of your mouth, you showin me 'bout it
Every bird that's comin out of your house, you told me 'bout it
Your mouth, slow it down, nigga hold it down, slow down

[Chorus: w/ different ad libs]
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