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Lyrics to Slow Motion Clarity
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all I have is you
when the day is done
all I have is you
when the morning comes

over the city lights
they sink away
satellites fall like rain
the night aflame
light towers crashing down
a quiet sea
slow motion clarity

holding you
I will not forget
that grass grew here
that all the children wept

holding you
I will not regret
that all this ends
and I'm alone with you

a tidal wave is rising
to wash it all away
an instant tells the story
we read it either way

in absence comes a shadow
all colors turn to grey
the final breath of vision
we watch it fade away

holding you
my last memory
our crooked bodies
sing a melody

the ash and water mix
washes over me
the blood and soil mix
washes over me
you and I become one
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