Slow Motion Bossa Nova Lyrics

Celso Fonseca

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Lyrics to Slow Motion Bossa Nova
Slow Motion Bossa Nova Video:
You´re so good to me
And your love is the inspiration that I need
Writing songs for you
Is the way I find to thank you for this

[Verse 1]
Face the music
Dance to the music
Now I hear the sound of music
And your kisses take it closer to perfection
You´re beyond imagination
We´re the dream team
You´re so good to me

[Verse 2]
You´re so good to me
And I hope to give you back the peace of mind
That you give to me
And it feels like bossa nova by Jobim

[Verse 3]
The solution to my dilemma
You´re my girl from Ipanema
Inspiration for my samba
In slow motion
You´re the top
You´re my devotion
My slow motion bossa nova dream

Repeat [Verse 1, 2, 3](2X)
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