Lyrics to Slow Down
Slow Down Video:
500 million years ago
You came through the earth and you came through the snow.
And you rise and fall, fingers to the sun.
And I'll join you in the fight against erosion.

We left Shenandoah with the winds at our back
And the moon slowly died as the sky turned black.
And we ride and we ride, never growing tired.
We'll see you again when the horizon's on fire.

Hey, wait up.
Slow down.

And I'll call you brother and I'll call you my friend.
We can conquer the world if we only pretend.
And we journey and I place my hand to my brow
And I'll see you again when the winner lays down.

I'll see you in the morning, I'll see you today.
Put your foot to the ground before we decay.
If my eyes start to sink, keep yours open wide
And we'll ride and we'll ride and we'll ride and we'll ride.

Dead deer on the side of the road
With the windows down we'll catch a cold
Because we don't want the interior to smell.

I watch your heavy eyes in the front seat
Curl your body tight to preserve the heat
And we'll be there in the morning.

And I'll hold your hand just like a child
And run away to prove I'm wild
But you'll still be here waiting.

I can take my foot off the gas
And let the young ones pass
But I gotta keep on moving.

I won't pay my bills, I won't go to bed
I'm still twelve years old in my head
And I hate to see you so grown up.

A bang and a crash and fire and glass
Get out of here, get out of here fast
If not, I'll drive us through the ground.

I can never slow down.
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