Lyrics to Slow Burn
Slow Burn Video:
I keep my heart to the sky, I keep my ear to the ground,
Knowin them vultures can circle yeah but their's poachers around,
So I fly low, barely an inch above the surface,
Lie low slice a serpent on a branch and still have sight to chop the rat,
Id love to stop and chat stay and chew the fat,
But if youve seen the view from my shoes you knew I gotta move,
Stakes is high but I got walls to paint and slates to wipe,
Theirs work for the young critic and Ive been known to build without a permit,
So dont mind me as I breeze on through, runnin on fumes like a neon tube,
I get no sleep and Im in so deep I cant ignore the bottom,
But you cant blame the seed for what the forest taught 'em,
So cut em up, head em off at the plot, let em drop like leaves in the treason
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