Lyrics to Slipping
Slipping Video:
Look at these People
Amazing how sheep'll
Show up for the slaughter.

No one condemning
You lined up like lemmings
You led to the water.

Why canít they see what I see
Why canít they hear the lies.

Maybe the feeís too pricey
for them to realize
Your disguise is slipping,
I think youíre slipping.

Now that your Saviorís
Is still as the grave youíre
beginning to fear me.

Like cavemen fear thunder
I still have to wonder
Can you really hear me?

I bring you pain,
the kind you canít suffer quietly.
Fire up your brain
remind you inside youíre rioting
Society is slipping,
everything's slipping away, so...

Go ahead run away
Say it was horrible
Spread the word tell a friend
Tell them the tale.

Get a pic do a blog
Heroes are over with
Look at him not a word
Hammer meet nail

Then I win then I get
Everything I ever
All the cash all the fame
And social change

Anarchy that I run
Itís Dr. Horribleís turn
You people all have to learn
This world is going to burn
burn (yeah itís two Rís, h-o-r-r yeah right) burn!

No sign of Penny good
I would give anything not to have her see

Itís gonna be bloody, head up billy buddy
Thereís no time for mercy.

Here goes no mercy...
Thatís not a good sound...

(Thanks to Pwnzoar, Dman12345, EmilyPaige and Quidam for correcting these lyrics)
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