Lyrics to Slip Away
Slip Away Video:
(Gary) Here we are, two fools in love again Hoping that this love would never end Look at out two hearts, not willing to fall apart Hoping we're still together until the morning comes (Regine) Look at us, lying to ourselves Can't accept this love's for someone else Let's leave it all behind, make sure that love ain't blind Leaving room for tomorrow for hearts may meet again CHORUS: (Regine/Gary) How can we let this love slip away Can we just save it all for some other day Only two fools will try to keep this love alive But without you Don't know if I'll survive Don't know if I'll survive Yeah... yeah... (Regine) I can't deny my love for you is true But I can't go on, there's nothing more to do (Gary) Ooh, our love was once so strong, but now you can't hold on (Regine/Gary) Let's not make this the past, let's move on and make it last (Repeat Chorus) (Regine/Gary) Don't let it slip away... yeah... BRIDGE: (Gary) Baby tell me that you love me And show me how much you care (Regine) Even though we can't go on now, But you will always be there. (Regine/Gary) I'll always be there. (Repeat Chorus twice) (Regine/Gary) Don't know if I'll survive Without you by my side Yeah... yeah... Ooh... Ooh... Here we go saying goodbye, waving goodbye... Bye bye....

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