Sleepless in Silverlake Lyrics

Les Savy Fav

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Lyrics to Sleepless in Silverlake
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We hit the hills and we hit 'em hard.
With iron wills and with mastercards.
We moved the mountain into our homes.
We kept in touch with our mobile phones

Tonight we stay up late
and stumble towards the day
It's warm in Silver Lake.

Now when we crush up on the dawn
you must confess the things you want
'cause by the brightness of the day
you know that they evaporate.

We're pumping quarters toward
a place to pause
the walking wounded
wrap their face in gauze.
These kids'll ya just because they can.
Their teeth are bleached
and their tits are tanned.
Tonight we're gonna stay up late
and stumble towards the day
and try to beat the haze away

As far as knowing who we are
we're like the light cast off a star.
A million, million, miles far
from the places where you start.
There's nothing pure here anymore
you see the ashes in the ice.
The only purity you'll find
past some impossible divide.
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