Sleeping With The Enemy Lyrics

Perfect Distance

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Lyrics to Sleeping With The Enemy
Sleeping With The Enemy Video:
I'm exposed
to everything you say
I'm sitting here like your prey
while you take your shots at me
and I let down my shields again
Just enough to let you in
but your just the enemy in disguise
and by your eyes i'm hipnotized

One more time
I'm stuck down by the enemy
One more time
I'm crushed here on the battlefield
One more time
I'm ran though by you
by you by you
It was just one more time
I fell in love with you

I'm shocked
that you could have done
all these things for me
just to murder me in my sleep
and I can't believe I fell
for all your lies
saying love was your allaby
and I'm sorry to say goodbye
and I'm sorry to watch you die


I'm here
laying on the ground
waiting for you to come back around
hoping it was me you missed
and I hope that you do come back
so these words i can say true
screaming it till my face turns blue
and in your head i hope it rings through


It was just one more time
I fell in love with you
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