Sleeping Is The Only Love Lyrics

The Silver Jews

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Lyrics to Sleeping Is The Only Love
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I heard they were taming the shrew.
I heard the shrew was you.
You might as well say fuck me cause I'm gonna keep on,
Keep on loving you.

I'd crawl over fifty yards of broken
Glass just to hold on your hand.
Sleeping is the only love (x2)

I had this friend his name was Marc with a "c".
His sister was like the heat coming off the back of an old TV.
Their folks were slain in their Reed Boiling Springs home.
It was the worst of the Lord, some of the worst of the Lord.

Later I come to find
Life is sweeter than Jewish wine.
Give a box of candy or a foot massage.
Some people don't take the time.

I'd craw over fifty yards of burning
Coals just to make it with you-oo-oo.
Sleeping is the only love (x2)

Sleeping is the only love.
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