Sleeping Beauty (The End of Marriage) Lyrics

H. Letham

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Lyrics to Sleeping Beauty (The End of Marriage)
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Sleeping beauty run to such open arms..
don't you think you've been asleep far too long?
Wake up, wake up! the alarm must be off.
I know you love to dream, but I think that's enough.

I'm sorry, do pardon my intrusion.
It's been a decade, I just wanted to see how you've been.
Are you still swearing to God, how content that you are?
and writing it down in a book?

When we last left off you were taking your vows...
To a man that you love with all your heart knows how..
and its sum, well baby it doesn't amount to much,
but you listen carefully, the important part is about to start.

The pastor announced abruptly for all the guests to hear.
I'm glad that you've gathered to see another stupid pair,
of silly little kids who think that all their problems will be solved,
the moment they spout their vows off.

Wake up you sleeping middle aged woman,
there's a baby to feed, and a house to clean.
a check from your ex should be arriving next week,
it seems vows now a days, don't mean a thing.

Wake up you beautiful middle aged woman,
do you still adore those young married couples?
even though you know that they'll end up like you.
Living their live through their dreams...
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