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I ain't waiting for nothing
I just show up to shine
That or don't show at all
Sit at home and unwind
They continue they fronting
They keep ignoring the signs
Ain't shit out there I'm hunting
Everything in its time
An it's right now

That bright black
With a sharp tongue
And the beats crack
And he bites back
With shark teeth
And he eats that

That black blocker
That can't stop when the coppers creep
And I don't show up I'm trash talk
I'm fuck peace
I'm Chris Dorner I'm Doberman dirty off leash
I'm Mike Brown I'm Eric Garner I can't breathe
We face down
Our teeth are touching the concrete
They curb stomping us
Wearing a crown in our streets

It makes the
Bullshit trivial
Gave a lot of trust and some years to
Some miserable-
Castles made of sand
Heavy hand holding shovels
And trouble man
Counts his real friends on his hook stump

I used to spend a lotta thought on loss
I used to need for every feeling amplified too
You prolly learned early it's better to be hated
And I hate whoever taught you that I'm happy to have learned from you

Same page different book (weird)
Hard feelings
Soft hearts overlooked
Not here
Your whole veneer 20/20 clear
Keep my warnings out your people's ear let em try to steer
For themselves

Water and bridges
Hurricanes and tryna rebuild visions
Pick a pain I'm sure that I got limits
But fuck it, I'll make incisions
Till I'm dead and re-risen as energy

Tryna exist in superposition
Tryna exist in superposition
Tryna exist in superposition
Clock tickin
Keep livin
Man listen
Come on

Show up to shine
Show me a sign

I tried to write a note to everyone who came out and supported when my kidney couldn't clean up my poisonous blood

But I just stared at the page
And when I wrote it I felt nothing but the numbing of cliche and tasted nothing but batteries and iron all over my tongue
Words rusted in place
And all I want is to chisel my initials into something permanent now
And raise up these damn kids and make my momma so fucking proud
And mutilate a couple crowds

And all I want is to make art
Keep takes
Break what they say it is
Fakes run the game
And your boy ain't playing it
Nah there ain't no sense in this haze

If it's up to me
I'll keep the questions in my frequency and throw em often
From now until the coffin calls 'em
And spit where ever cops be walking

You're supposed to be happy to be alive
You're supposed to be lucky to be alive
You're supposed to be

If it's up to me
The only people in the streets with guns lead communities or hunt for food they need to fight threw

Maybe peacefully. But that's a big maybe
There's more than one way to skin Schrödinger's cat
Not sure what's holding you back
There's nothing seriously stopping us
Getting blown off the map
Yeah, tryna exist in

Predict coming events
Visions make me dense
So fuck your two cents
Still a shoulder rub gent
Colder with resent
Fold for what it's meant
It's over, my man
Go eat a Xan

You gotta prove your position
You got a new superstition
I coulda never sold dope and hustled through your position
Gimme all black weddings and an all white funeral
Ball like pendulums
I write numerals
Numbers on the boards of life and all mics shootable
Even on your frozen nights when all thighs useable
(future addiction)

I'm not an MC
What's up, candy rappers"
White talkin' keys no houses but with backwards
All these new OGs they got us moving backwards
Whole race at our knees
History in the crapper

I want the food to taste like poison
Till poison tastes like food
I want your home to feel like prison
Till you up and hit the road
I want your job to feel like torture
Till you burn the building down
I want to raise a fucking family out the ashes of this town

I miss a quark
And my dark parts wish I didn't
She called me buster and gutted me at the finish
And then it ended-
Only clean break ever and I love her more now prolly cuz of that
In the black

I miss a writer
Who never quite took my edits
I built a pedestal taller than she could let it
And I love her more now cuz of that
Infinite slack
I tied my own rope she took it back
In the red -

Balancing books and
Pre cum promises
When love is mean enough to go where it's not wanted and
Fuck up a good simple an sweet

Campsite rules
Hope it's better when you leave

I miss myself without these calluses
Only hate two and call em dad so the irony could can cut through
I won't be at either funeral

I don't need to see I disrespect them gleefully and eat the pain, rage and guilt
I keep it deep in me

Release my fist
When my ashes hit the pacific and I'm infinitely swimming in the ether
Where the teachers be-

Thumbs up
Sunglasses emoji

Tryna exist in superposition
Tryna exist in superposition
Tryna exist in superposition

Clocks ticking
Keep living
Man listen
Come on

Am I trapped inside my body like it's a burning building

Show up to shine
Show me a sign

Or am I the match that lit myself on fire

Show up to shine
Show me a sign

(Like a snowflake in an avalanche)

I been waiting for nothing
This pain is nothing
I be clutching my stomach
But this, this here is nothing
Scheming on what I wanted
This pain is nothing
This pain is pumping through my veins it's nothing

Nothing is what I'll take
Everything in its time
Nothing is what I'll ask for
Everything I will make

Ready the fucking drums
Get ready to feel it shake
It's better than being numb
And better owning mistakes

Yank crime on ten
Scream super unison
Superposition livin an
Dream like a hooligan

Live like (them)
Dreams might be
Like a real life
See them react
Try to
Act how it feels right
An go

Tryna exist in superposition (go)
Tryna exist in superposition (go)
Tryna exist in superposition (go)

Clocks ticking
Keep living
Man listen
Come on

Show up to shine
Show me a sign

Show up to shine
Show me a sign

Show up to shine
Show me a sign

Show up to shine
Show me a sign
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