Lyrics to Sleep Walk
Sleep Walk Video:
It's the unit

[Chorus: x3]
This for my homies on the eastside
And all my homies on the westside
We sleepwalking getting money
We sleepwalking getting money
My city never sleep we sleepwalking getting money

[Verse 1:]
Pour out a little liquor r.I.p to michael jackson
You nobody to you die they said it on wax the
G-unit facture, I dream about jacksons
And benjamins too, my benz marine blue
600, stay blunted, move like a man wanted
A fugitive mind with nothing but crime on it
And I'm tired of these youtube gangstas
Run up on me I shoot the nigga with the camera
Dubai scenery, touch the sky
Baby girl that's a hotel that touch the sky
I pop a bottle, and the whole club looking
Cause it's the size of the nigga mean muggin

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
We I sleep I don't count sheep I count stacks
I need box office money so I'm learning how to act
20 grand in hermez that's the tmz stumped
See me on tv my swaggas what they want
The strap be plastic or all metal guns
Look down my barrel boy here the devil comes
Louie headband, smoking headband
I'm a rockstar girls when the jet land
New louies, match the luggage
Everybody rap now homie get a budget
I got tour dates so I'm feeling sluggish
But it's all for the money so you know the boy love it

[Chorus x2]
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