Lyrics to Sleep Peals
Sleep Peals Video:
Stuck in my sight it's sealing off all the guilt
deep in the vortex with nowhere to quit to to quit
Left unprotected for memories to fade
flatterned by waves of oncoming hate
Pinned to the wall by truth and fistings
Peeling senses off it opens the instincts
Following guidelines and ripping out fears
smashing through walls and breaking your spears
Going through space it brings out the ashes scattered
by the winds to highlite the importance of this very
moment supposing it is worth the time, the effort,
something like a choir left off somewhere in the
beginning when it all was grayscale and therefor
remained unattended for ages but it was in fact
something more it was the end
And if I've failed I'm sorry
And if I've failed don't worry
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