Lyrics to Sleep
Sleep Video:
dreaming of the winter sunas i lie in bed turn my headand try to get away from the summerfeeling lkie a thief on the runall these people all around meonly think about their money,only think about a way to get insomeone else's bed and have fun theredon't you wake me up tonightdon't you wake me up tomorrowis it wrong or is it right?i wanna sleep away my sorrowdreaming of the autumn rainwalking through the woods,if i could i would be sleeping until thenpeople, happy as can be,all around me and they found meand they try to get me dancing on thestreets and they're romancing,yes i have to get away or i kill them!don't you wake me up tonightdon't you wake me up tomorrowyou got arms to hold me tightyou got lips to ease my sorrowdon't you know it feels alrightlying here with you togetherand if i could you know i mightstay in bed and sleep foreverdo you think it's a crimeto stay in bed all the time?i know what they say about mebut i don't care, i don't care, i don't care!don´t you wake me up tonight...

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