Sleep, or lack there of Lyrics

Eric Ayotte

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Lyrics to Sleep, or lack there of
Sleep, or lack there of Video:
Is the sound of the second hand
that's keeping me from sleep
is the repetition that I just can't shake
So I turn over, pillow covers my ears with thoughts of superpowers in the fourth dimention
'cause is the uniting of all things that know my mind
So I keep on fighting
you hurts to scream
And continuing this roll play
in where I play the king
and my loyal subjets
will bound under me
just like the sun sets
cunning lolyalty
'Cause is the things you undertrust and let you down in the end
Just like myself and what I think I want and how is never enough
And things are never easy
and I know that's what I always known
Altough I keep searching for some inner I know will never be there
'Cause I'm just a child waiting for a mother to take control
Grab my hands and dress my wounds and tell me where to go
So please tell me where to go
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