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Lyrics to Slayer Of Light
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I have come to unfold your mind
in my veins runs the poison wild
in the streams of mountains I flow
I have opened the doors for unleashed and endless hate
it will burn like the raging green flames
inside a man dwell secrets so cold

Through the dreadful storms, across the frozen oceans
I have come from the dark lands with sorrow in my hands
The firewind rages in the sky
and my luminious sword hungers for more
I will leave no one alive
For I am the Slayer of Light

I... I will break your will
I... I will crush your faith
I... I will slay your dreams
I will reclaim the stars and I will tear your precious world apart
I will tear it apart

I will pull everything with me under the surface
and all the screams will fade into my dreams
Fall now! Dying light!
I will burn away the ground beneath your feet
and all will be vanished in the darkness
Dying light! Fall now!
and let the night arrive
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