Lyrics to Slant Eyes
Slant Eyes Video:
(feat. South Park Mexican)

[Tow Down]
I get so high
You ever get so high you smoked your self sober?
Ha ha ha ha ha

Nuthin but the doh doh for me
Jus like the potpourri
My bitch hit my weed and coughed up an ovary
Towdown blow dro with me
In the game I feel I'm at where I wanna be
Hoes fo free
Now that bitch owing me
Pimpilistic how shit supposed to be
Don't believe the hype
Bong, blunt, or pipe
I'm the type
To catch it on the right
Intercept it
Smoke em like detective
I expect the unexpected
I meant to re edit
I said it
You sweated
Headed to the beach in a Mazaradi
Yo I ripped it
I'll split it
The rules got bended
I beat my kids or attempted
No sentence
Dope House Records at the end of my necklace
Two Benzes getting high with my friend iz

[Chorus: SPM]
Not a day goes by
I don't get high
I gotta get slant ey
Ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey eyes
High so high

[Verse 2: Tow Down]
I get high on each second of every minute
Of every hour
Like Cheech and Chong
Blowin the bong
Or rollin in the Eddie Bauer
I stay talls like skyscrapers
Weed's always around so I gotta have papers
And you can get high too
Whether a gram for you
Or a pound for ya whole crew
Whatever you need I got weed
From liquid trip to dip to hydro to ecstasy
Bet I could smoke a stash of hash
In a flash drop some wigs smash
Towdown the hemp hunter
Smoke a blunt of that good shit
Till ya roofs lit
You smokin tooth picks while I'm rollin big sticks
Never leave a nest without packin the cest
Wit da dro condo look impressed
No contest
With dope like this
I know you'll take a hit
Inhale exhale now that's some good shit

[Chorus: SPM]

[Verse 3: Tow Down]
If you wanna get high
Put ya lightas in the sky
We blaze till we die
We cough till we cry
Got the goods to make you go dumb
Till ya brains numb
So do you still won't some
High wit ya burnt thumb
Time to school some fools
Smokin two sweets and zaga
Srtictly the wajjjj pipes
Bo's to bongs
Break out the chronic bag
But only if it's half geddi
It's funkier than ya granny's panties
Still smokin codeine cotton candy
Wit products so po
You gotta stuffin the pipe
I'm takin one hit will quit a killa
Nice dreams of to never ever land
I'm yo super bionic
Chronic man
Got fans from Japan to Amsterdam
The flava trada
With ten different kind of strands
Triple beam king breakin it down to the ground

[Chorus: SPM]

Puttin it down for my partna Tow Down
Blowin big ugh doh doh pounds
Ya heard me
Nuthin but the finest
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