Lyrics to Slackjaw
Slackjaw Video:
Slackjaw live in the cellar
They let him grind the trash
Clumps of hair and puke and bones
Piles of broken glass
Finds pictures of pretty girls and hangs 'em on the wall
Likes people when he meets 'em
But he just as soon strangle 'em all

Slackjaw sleep on the floor
Of the boiler room
All night long, playin' its song
Clank and hiss and boom!
Sees people on the hall
Smiles and says hello
But sometimes, he wishes
They all had only one throat

Slackjaw he got a worm
That lives inside his head
Tells him things he shouldn't know
Things are better left unsaid
Trash smasher, rat catcher
Piss on your parade
Sometimes he screams all night
To make it all go away

Hey! Slackjaw, hey, hey
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