Lyrics to Sky's The Limit (Inf Mix)
Sky's The Limit (Inf Mix) Video:
(feat. Dug Infinite)

[Dug Infinite]
Yo, poverty be shakin on every black block
Eyes get watery, from smokin crack rocks
in crack pipes, sun is down pitch black nights
They be dangerous, unless your eyes adjust
to the darkness, spark this, rugged paragraph
It's bulletproof math, narcotics for addicts
Master science sing loud and break it down
Never do 12, sum/some is numb, pass it around
And check out manipulation of many minds
Creatin, precipitation of many crimes
(Bo bo bo!) You steady talkin that yang on how it be
It's up in your face, but you just can't see
Cause arrogance'll have a nigga blinded
Rewind it and think about it, before you try and doubt it
Negative vibrations that test my patience
Them wicked-ass people runnin radio stations
want money for a slot but I don't cater to a devil
Whether black or white, all day, all night
All type eyes open so you know I see the gimmicks
Gotta tell these shorties sky's the limit

[Chorus: x2]
The sky's the limit when you know that you
can have what you want not take, what you want
The sky's the limit when you know that you
keep on, when you keep keep keepin on

[No I.D.]
Aiyyo shorty, I seen how this life is rough
because I lived it, I seen how these times is tough
Fought the uphill battles, against all odds
Strap yo' feet in the saddle, all praises to God
I know you want the good life of luxury cars
What you see is close range and what I see is from afar
Tryin to warn you bout the traps that'll stab you in the back
You see I never kick it falsely - I only spit the facts
on how equality, strikes at the worst of times
Soon as you tryin to excel and elevate your mind
See I was blind bein led by the blind, eatin swine
'til wise (?) got me refined, freed my mind
Hey shorty do you know what I mean, sky's the limit
A pawn in this game called life, I'm bout to win it
It's hard for me to sit and see you do yourself
when I'd rather see you do someone else, and that's real

[Dug Infinite]
You keep me up nights late, tryin to put the food on the plate
In the ghetto black coal unknown is the fate
Just a stack of rocks, unrefined black coal
(?) test under pressure, make you shine like gold
Cause yo, keep it real when a nigga gotta kill
Two niggaz bust, two niggaz blood spill
Blame it on the ghetto like heiny and the weed
but I'm damned and dead, 'fore it spread to my seed
You bomb bomb my baby's brain with the game
so he can bust shots and sell rocks for fame
So when he get old he got murder on the brain
Only one skill that's rockin cocaine
'til the world blow up, that's the brand new slang
And it don't take much for him to pull out the thang
and let it rain.. ad libs.. felt that..

[Chorus x1.5]

[Dug Infinite]
In every ghetto all over the world
We keep keepin it on, Infinite Chi-Town fo' sho'
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