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Pete Rock

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Lyrics to Skinz (with CL Smooth)
Skinz (with CL Smooth) Video:
featuring Grand Puba [Pete Rock] Uhh Ahh yeah What we talkin bout? Talkin bout the skinz Skinz? Yeah the skinz, you know, girls Fine women Skinz, listen listen to my man [CL Smooth] I hear it callin never stallin hit the skinz bed or shelter Love to tap her on the shoulder, roll her over, then I belt her Leave a bite when the joint is tight, lovely when it's loose Produce the proper juice, plus I never hump a deuce Give me the head on the waterbed, play you like a Pro Ked Slide the flavors on the sled, listen to what he said Come and lie on the bearskin, notice how the firm make him grin Cover the checks and then I go cash em in Hold the zipper, unlock, and grab the whole bag of treats Hear the hooker slam the butcher with the biggest stack of meats Take two hands to hold it, flip it out and unroll it If you spot a brother larger then the next man stole it Oochie coo now, you know the Mecca wanna bang bang Beggin a pardon as I knock a new skinz stank thang CL, kickin flavor with the Grand Puba Speakin on the wins, I'm about to hit the skinz [Pete Rock] Talkin bout the skinz The skinz That's right, talkin bout the skinz baby No disrespect, just talkin bout an everyday thing C'mon [Grand Puba] Ha ha ha! Hey, hey Yeah... Nowadays I'm on some extra be careful (shit) I take precaution, before I slide up in the slit Man (fuck) that I put aluminum foil on my (dick) Cause if you catch it, boy that (shit)'ll kick you quick Better yet, you can pass me a Ziplock A bag of boom, and a 40 then some boot knock I get stiff and it's hard like Charles Bronson It's kinda (fucked) up what happened to Magic Johnson But anyway, you know the resume Time to drop the Girbauds and parlay, HEY I rock the world over big botty girls Won't hit the skinz if she gotta jheri curl cause when I jump into my thing I make the bedspring sing And you can ask my old fling, who's the bedroom king? Hit the skinz hard, she'll hang on to the bedpost Then I drop my load, then get up and make some french toast Run and get the paper and it won't be the Post After that you know the flavor I'm ghost! [Pete Rock] That's right, be out.. Hit it off.. on the skinz [Cl Smooth] C'mon, with the funky flavors Uhh, gonna hit this off right quick Hit the skinz they're forever wins, cozy like my Timbs and brims but never heard a bigger limb around the rim Set to hurdle when I pop a girdle, sum it up surgical Lay down the pubic and the stuff won't curdle I got the remedy for competition of any sleepin with the enemy who never got a pretty penny Skinz I'm with, check the lower lipped pal of mine Now you know the Pete Rock, skinz all the time [Pete Rock] Oh Pete Rock, raw as I ever been Give me room so I can speak about the skinz Take a tidbit, but God (damnit) can you dig it Sisters play me close and they want my beeper digits cause I love em undercover, the Chocolate Boy Wonder Break like an earthquake, boomin like thunder til the honey dip the blouse, slip in the house Sip the Stout, rip the boots, and I'm out [CL Smooth] Like the Isley's, apply these, in-Between the Sheets Follow yes another trail as if I had on cleats Rip my way through a negligee, park it like a valet Sure it's OK, just met the skinz yesterday Tap the baggy drawers, lay the laws, lovely puff it up For the ride, honey buckle up, smearin all your makeup CL can wreck it well a bombshell finishin So get the tunnel vision on how I hit the skinz [Pete Rock] How I hit the skinz, uhh It's fat, yes As you know I like to flow Don't try to show Because I'm, the accurate man Everybody knows it Peace to all stealers of the Mount Vernon Young poets and players New Rochelle, the Bronx...

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