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Lyrics to Skin / Smile / Hair
Skin / Smile / Hair Video:
I'm scared to say I died today When you wrote me There were smiles in my sleep There are X's in this room And on my hands I'd wash away Both of them, just for you In my softened summer state I will lie above you when you get home I'll take care of you when you come home The places we dream about I'll taste you there Your skin, your smile, your hair We're too old, and frayed. We grow hollow and decayed This time machine Connects to my arteries Every sentence is a diamond Each word is a facet To shine light below We'll go down in matching caskets Your hair is kept the way it should be Your hair is not the way this is It's in your skin, your smile Where I remain Once in a while We'll spend those missing days I was knocked off this building And smiled on the way down You are not what loves you You're the other way around It's your skin Your smile Your hair

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