Lyrics to Skeleton
Skeleton Video:
Whispered youth in sunbeams,
easy on the eye.
Cracks in spine of early teams,
it would make you cry.

Lesser child, open cage,
ribs would learn in subtle rage,
you spoke to me then,
in woods build a den,
and we were hardly ever men
in the taint of your love.

The blanket of closing eyes,
wavering inertia.
Hazy bite of lip, I tried
to make your smile closer.

You asked if you had scared me,
hallowed breath, apologies,
I was trained in you alone;
the woods were your home,
we were bodies in the archway, left unknown,
and evenings were spent.

I was always south from you,
but roses hinted east.
Maps didn't want you
and north misguided youth.

Does it come with the skin graft,
the naivety and the red half?
Lock your bedroom in your bag,
for in winter I'll be back;
poster boy and girl
for hearts you'd hacked
into open woods

and in front of everyone
I am a skeleton,
alone grow flesh and blood
and confidence.
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