Lyrics to Situations
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[Obie Trice]
Ayo, this Obie Trice, motherfuckers
And I got this wild ass, crazy motherfucker with me right now
Who the fuck is King Gordy?

[King Gordy]
King, emperor, Dali lama, Nero
Ruler, god-like, east sides only hero
Keep a cape in the ground, homo sapiens bow
Come and take a sit down with me at this table that's round
Got 50,000 soldiers
That's ready to blow you the fuck away or die tryin at the start of my orders
So I tried to be King, so I died to be King
I be the only one that smoke a 5 on the scene

[Obie Trice]
King motherfuckin Gordy, motherfuckers
Yeah. I wanna hear about some street shit though, Gordy
I wanna hear that shit about that spotlight, nigga

[King Gordy]
I'm in a crack house sweatin
with my side of the door
nailed to the floor
As I pull my four four
The cops ain't gettin in
Got crack heads on me, watchin out for me
Got these fiends to rock for me
In return I break 'em off a piece
Now obviously I smokin hashes with my partners, E
Some are in for arsony
or straight up for robbery
Got out to Mississippi tryin shop for keys
We can work a deal, but you gotta coppin threes

[Obie Trice]
That's right, my nigga
But you got these bitches out here tryna stick you for your dough and shit
They want rent, diapers, babysittin..
What do you think about a bitch?

[King Gordy]
Be real for me? Bitch, you ain't real to me
YOU'RE NOTHIN! Been suckin dick since the age of thirteen
Oh, I ain't know you for that damn long? Bitch please
What? Not using tampons? Bitch bleed
Yeah, you gave me some head. You were on bent knees
Now you deserve and bent leg? Bitch, stop trickin
Suckin dick and ass lickin must have got to your brain
He's a blunt, some Hennessey, and $50 in change

[Obie Trice]
Stank bitch. Haha. Ayo, Gordy
Let these niggaz know how us Detroit niggaz do when we mash out on 'em
Throw that shit on on they ass. Come on!

[King Gordy]
Three piece alligator suit. Alligator boots
With a navigator, interior alligator too
Haters want to shoot. Platinum and diamonds
is beatin, the sun is shinin. Super models that's knockin
But you can't tell that it all just tongue kissin
His style is just sippin
Flyin out to Italy. Wanna live? Come visit
Chillin in castles with dimes that run the villiage
Broke niggaz spit broke shit. Bitch done did it

[Obie Trice]
Done did it, bitch
Ayo Gordy, now I know you a weed type sort motherfucker
So if you had some weed here, what would you tell marijuana?

[King Gordy]
She my first love. I don't know where to begin
You my only friend, taught me how to reason within
When I was down, showed me how to exhale and breathe again
When I was blind, made me open my eyes and see again
Only just the taste of you makes me laugh. Put a spell on me
Everytime I see you makes me hungry
Some time I put my blunt in a thong, it sleeps with me
Y'all niggaz just smoke. I drink with weed

[Obie Trice]
Yeah. Ay Gordy..
I want massacre now nigga, I want death
You ain't killed a nigga on a track yet
I want you to kill these motherfuckers

[King Gordy]
Fresh flesh under my fingernails. Gouging and throw this crotch out
Your father got knocked out
He got scarred off, his sneakers cut off, and locked off
Niggaz shot while he's still pissin, he's pee still shootin out
They don't have a prison that could stop King Gordy nasty satanicism
Abusin my children till they just badly injured
Threaten they lives and tell the cops they mama did it

Hahahahahah King Gordy motherfucker
(Obie Trice motherfuckers)
Situations... A subject sampler..
A vast hale... EMPEROR! KING!
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