Lyrics to Sister, Sister
Sister, Sister Video:
Who are you to tell me my eyes don't shine?
That my fire isn't bright enough
That my goods aren't good enough
Who are you to tell me?
Say what?

Sometimes I even kiss the mirror
When I'm lonely, cause I know and you know
That I can fill my own cup
Who are you to tell me?

Sister, sister!
Why you gotta let them
Drag you to that space of not loving you
Who will be the one to show you you're a goddess
Shining through!

She wakes up and hides her face from his eyes
Runs into the bathroom to put on her lies
Cuts and squeezes and rips and tears her goddess-given beauty
To win his approval, but not me!

Not me I'm gonna exhale out, let myself wide
Big strong magic powerwoman
Big stong magic power
Said who are you to tell me?

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