Lyrics to Sisiwami
Sisiwami Video:
I see your red skirt splashing up against your thighs You makin? pretty moves, makin? moves that smile my eyes Your plaited hair it?s catching gold from Azainian skies Your motion is a magic that takes me by surprise (sweet sister hmm my sister) Soft mounds bouncing to the rhythm of your dance You seem to have a thousand ways to get my heart to France You got a laugh like little mossies, fluttering in the air (sweet sister, ah sweet sister of mine) Sisiwami, I am a man who?s bound by doubtful things Sisiwami, A man who?s tangled in his strings Sisiwami, But to see you dancing sets me free Sisiwami, you do a beautiful thing to me Sisiwami, oh sweet sister can?t you see Sisiwami. You do a beautiful thing to me Sisiwami, oh, a beautiful thing to me The way your body?s shaping to the sounds of your song Your long brown arms snaking, so proud and strong Oh to see you strutting down, it?s where you belong When you?re in motion girl, nothing can go wrong (Sweet sister, ah sweet sister of mine) Silver bracelettes Rattling to the rhythms on your feet Balancing your goods as you come strutting down the street There?s a twinkle in your sing song talk A sparkle in your jive In these terrible-terrible times, you keep my heart alive Sweet sister you?re so fine Sweet sister of mine

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