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It's happening so fast, how do I make this last
Do I even want it?
Cause if I can't be what I want, like a ship without a dock
I'd rather be sinking instead of just floating

I'm never gunna be, never gunna be
You're never gunna see, never gunna see
Cause I don't want my whole life confined to a single word

I wanna live a life I love
I want silence from above
Can I even have it?
Cause if all death meant was that we get to start again
Would you slow down the pace
Or would you speed up to face your fate

The thought of all of this leaves me so overwhelmed
When there's no one left to hate, we learn to hate ourselves

I do the things I fear the most
Cause I'm afraid I'll lose control
I've never felt alive
I'm trying to

I'm dying to inside
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