Lyrics to Singing in the Bathtub
Singing in the Bathtub Video:
Singing in the bathtub
Sitting all alone
Tearing out a tonsil
Just like a baritone

Never take a shower
It's an awful pain
Singing in the shower
Is like singing in the rain.

Oh, there is dirt to be abolished
But do not forget one thing
While your body's washed and polished
Sing brother sing!

You can yodel opera
Even while you scrub
Everyone is happy
While singing in the tub.

I'm forever blowing bubbles
Pretty bubbles in the air

A ring around the bathtub
Isn't so nice to see
But a ring around the bathtub
Is a rainbow to me

Reaching for a towel
Ready for a rub
Everyone is happy
While singing in the tub
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