Sine Waves, Sighs and Serenades Lyrics

Bye Polar Bear

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Lyrics to Sine Waves, Sighs and Serenades
There's nothin' I can do that would make you come right back to me. Nothing I can say will turn your heart around. All I can do is wait, time's my greatest enemy. And nothing I can say will speed the clock around.

Now no- no- no- no- no- I don't want it that way. Everything runs in circles from sighs to serenades.

So here's to summer days some are hoping will save us. Here's to summer nights some are sure won't be cold. We'll grow a little older, a little bolder, a bit more faithful. And I'm almost certain we'll both learn to forgive.

Nobody's perfect, we all find a way to perpetuate. And everything runs in circles, from sighs to serenades.
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