Lyrics to Sin Amor
Sin Amor Video:
Does it eat you up thinking way too hard or not enough?
Waiting on a change that never comes, as if the way it's been could be enough.
Does it kill you now to love her like the floor boards of a house?
Ignore the things that creep and crawl around and let the termites eat you inside out.

You don't know when it went out, but there's no fire in you now
and you can't seem to find the words worth talking about.

Love mistook for trying not to look.
I felt you pulsing through like a phone left off its hook.
Exhaustion by the book. We're both trying not to look.

How do I break myself from it when you're on my chest like a coughing fit?
Nothing grows and nothing feels alright.
I don't know if you can see the way you turn yourself from me.
I think you're somewhere in your darkness and you're searching for the light.
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