Lyrics to Simply Love
Simply Love Video:
Oh woah waoh wa-oh (repeat)

I know it might sound crazy
Maybe just insane
But I need you like the desert
Needs the rain

It might sound like I'm joking
But it's written very plain
I would be your tracks
If you would be my train

Oh woah waoh wa-oh (repeat)

You asked me to explain it
I really cannot say
But just the tought of you
Has got me feeling this way

A love that's for the ages
There's only been a few
But bonnie and clyde
Aint got a thing on me and you

I would be the test
That you would never fail
If you would be the happy ending
To my fairytale

And we would read that story
Over and again
If it was up to me
There'd never be an end
Oh yeah

Oh woah waoh wa-oh (repeat)

I simply fell in love
I simply cannot help
Though living life without you
Would be a living hell

But if I said it simple
I hope you'd say it too
But when the words are simply put
They'd say I love you

Oh woah waoh wa-oh (repeat)
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