Lyrics to Simple Man
Simple Man Video:
Simple's what I try to be, so don't try to be rippin me
you callin me a fake mc but I aint trying to be real G
cant ya see, I just sit here, hit the keys
the first thing that I think is what I put into these
raps that I like to call attacks cuz it rhymes with shmack
you say were whack, but it's a known fact
everybody loves the who-dey they say were phat
with PH, you hate the lyrics that we create
I will let you touch this if you are not gay
Never Touch has funny lyrics what can I say
Are those lines too simple for you to be a fan
that's a shame cause we are all simple kind of men
ink and pen is how we spend, our time that we lend
to the rap game, until the who-dey ends
but I'll tell you my friend, that will never happen
so don't pretend that we'll be nothing after ten
months of fame and success, like kalhad we the best
now let me take a minute to get this off my chest
we aren't really that great, it was basically luck
I'm not saying we're overrated, I'm not saying we suck
Our music isn't complicated, we didn't spend a buck
We just do it for fun, wont stop till we get enough
until the game gets rough, until we locked up in cuffs
We'll be making simple songs till our brains turn to mush

(chorus - Lynyrd Skynyrd)
and be a simple kind of man
and be something you love and understand
baby be a simple kind of man
wont you do this for me son if you can

Now I know this is a band but this time I'm going solo
That doesn't make me a homo and this aint no low blow
I gotta say what I gotta say, I aint gonna wait all day
For them to catch up and try to understand my brain
I'm feeling poetic, whether you feel me or not
Don't call the medic, I'm not crazy I'm just hot
Stop drop and roll, is that all I got?
I'm gonna set you on fire, your gonna get shot
That song was so easy, so simple and cheesy
It was made just to fill up space on the CD
And our claim to fame, it was the Reading Train
It's insane, the song was hardly changed
Just took Betty's hit and made it more legit
Add a chorus, beat, a few more lines that's it
The recipe for our popularity is nothing but clarity
make songs, be funny, hot beats, its scaring me
That it's been so easy to get supporters and fans
They think its magic but it's more simple than that
This is just me rapping because I have some spare time
This aint my whole life, it's just a small hobby of mine
Shinin (shinin) is what I am in this game
Fans don't have to praise me, just remember the name
But I'm not complaining, cause they coming in flocks
And I hope they like Skynyrd cause he's about to rock


Check this, we whip out our phones, say crap and record
We put it on myspace then our fame will soar
No-names no more, in this game we roar
We make a few more songs till eventually we score
Now everybody wants in, they wanna spit crazy
They wanna be like us, they wanna be like Jay-Z
In his prime, before he forgot how to rhyme
Square does not rhyme with years, man that's a crime
Just stick with lines that shine and everything will be fine
Keep it real, keep it simple, keep it top of the line
Now I'm starting to feel like 50 cause I'm rapping about nothing
But at least I keep it clean and refrain from cussing
The only time I find it alright to use curse words in rap
Is when your coming at somebody with the FULL BLOWN ATTACK
After Revenge, MJD, I pledge you will be dead
And your so called fans will be loving us instead
Don't make me say it again, your career's about to end
?Watch me do my dance?, watch me shoot you in the head
Anyway, the bottom line is that real is how we roll
And I'm feeling out of control, nobody can slow my soul
I'm spitting so ill like Cypress Hill, and I'm firing at will
Trigger finger's tiring and I'm inspiring to kill
Now I gotta rock it, so I gotta say ?see ya!?
The Who-Dey will sky rocket as long as I can be a

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