Silhouette Will Amend Lyrics

In Solitas

The State of Mankind

Lyrics to Silhouette Will Amend
Silhouette Will Amend Video:
My gift is equally a blessing and a curse
The capacity to see all that I wish
Is stained by reliving all that I miss
I miss the way your hands interlock with mine
I miss the way our hearts flawlessly align

He?ll take your hand, a new silhouette will amend
He?ll walk you to your door, you?ll invite him in
And I will watch my days run horrid red
The pain has become so impossible to bear
That even the dead are becoming quite aware

White is my hue without radiance from you

You speak to me no longer since riddles have shaped your lips
My fist consumes my wrist as my arms end in deception?s bliss

Your hands are thy hammers
I am nothing but the porcelain judgment
A demons voice in your ear is soothing
Bedroom lights attained by those pursuing

Godspeed me to the wolves that greet me
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