Lyrics to Silent Within
Silent Within Video:
Endless time is arriving in this lost and found
What is now was always but never seemed to be
In the breath of a heartbeat the walls tumble down
An elusive light and sound enraptured me

But I remain in my body
Words fail to describe what we feel when we die inside

God only knows what we're feeling
when the lights grow dim
Is there really a voice inside
in the silent within

Torn apart by a twister of greed lust and pride
When I bleed it's a need to be one with you
Why is anger so hungry and love so blind
Why do we hurt when we cry

Well God only knows what we're dreaming
in our ultimate sin
Do we really hide anything
in the silent within
Silent within, within

Ohh hide in your darkness
And I'm dreaming today
Only for a moment would you hear
Oh slow me down
Run away
God only knows and He ain't talkin'
In the sound and the light and the life

There's no end to the bottom when we start to fall,
There's no top to the high when we want to climb
And this heart is a prison bound by chains of gold
Wherein lies the keys

God only knows how we're falling
While reaching for Him
In this vacuum of time and space
in the silent within
God only knows

It's a drop from the ocean
A star from the sky
A grain of sand from the earth
A tear from an eye

When the light is before us
And shines in our life
In the silent within
God only knows
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