Silencing The World Lyrics

Kirlian Camera

Black Summer Choirs

Lyrics to Silencing The World
Silencing The World Video:
I'm close to the deepest dream
I quiver by light
Rays as continuous flame shake my limbs
I'm sick, I'm sick
I'm devouring the world
Turning it over in my bloodless arms
I'll take it away from you
The flight will be long, far from the sun
It will be cold there
I'll be the one who cover you with wings
With my burning weeping
I'll give you warmth again
I'll raise your worn-out body
From the muddy ground
That idiot glimmer does not deserve you
I will heal your wounds
Deep cuts, in which the frost comes
Day after day looking for your death
No, time will not have you
No grey room
No surgery
Will waste your beauty
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