Silence In A Beloved Scream Lyrics


Lost In The Beauty You Slay

Lyrics to Silence In A Beloved Scream
Silence In A Beloved Scream Video:
[Music: Berholtz, Dinsdalle, Svensson]
[Lyrics: Dinsdalle, Svensson]

Echoing, ripping through the silence
tearing the soil off my soul
Silent you are, yet so loud
Beautiful still so violent and harsh

As you bleed so beautifully
I wach in silence and harmony
Fascinated and stunned of the pain you bring

[Repeat first]

Alone I stand to hear the silence
In a belovwed scream

A scream of a soul so pure but still toxicated
A scream for love in torment and hatred
A scream without beginning or end

Your voice so pure and so sanguin
invocate shadows that haunts me
Poisoned by the silence you bring
Cast me into your inexhaustible well of suffering

As I fall asleep, a delightful deathlike sleep
I dive into your abyss of grief
trying to absorb the beauty in your scream

A scream...

A scream...
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