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Beautiful Monster

Lyrics to Signed Up To Die
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[Verse 1]
They pulled that boy up out the shed, now he walkin' down the road
Beatin' gettin' more intense every other step he go
They whipped him punched him kicked him slapped him, ripped that boy up out his clothes
Couple punches to the face, second one broke his nose
They laughin' at him, they spittin' at him
They kickin' at him, dog barkin' at him
He thinkin' to his self, how could this happen?
He black out for a minute, they throw water at him
A week ago he was sittin' up playin' with his kids
Wife and family all around in the comfort of his crib
Birthday party passing gifts
Last thing that he remember: packing for a mission trip
Now it's about to go down
That's what he was thinkin' as he sit there knelt to the ground
His killa walked up on him rollin' and looked him in the eye
He said “aren't you gonna beg?” he said NO …

I signed up to die
Death don't have a hold on me
So death don't put no fear in me
I don't think that you hearin' me
I signed up to die
When I lay down on that bed
I'm gon' open up my eyes
And my Lord gon' be there
I signed up to die
Death don't have a hold on me
So death don't put no fear in me
I don't think that you hearin' me
I signed up to die … die …
Die … die …
I signed up to die

[Verse 2]
She was only twelve when she heard about the name of Christ
Saw the beauty of his love, instantly it changed her life
Secret meetings in the late night
Pulled her out the dark, now she ‘bout to go and be a light
She don't know nothin' about no Bible teachers
‘Cause where she from there ain't no Bible teachin'
Matter of fact it is forbidden
But she done found a treasure that she couldn't keep hidden
Now she standin' in a circle
A hundred people yellin' out “convert or we gon' hurt you”
I know she had to be scared
But she thought about that preacher and the words that he said
He told ‘em all about Stephen
How he was ‘bout to die, he looked up and saw Jesus
And her killer walked up on her, he looked her in the eye
He said “are you gon' convert?” she said NO …


[Verse 3]
He picked his family up and he moved ‘em to the inner city
Not to get a job but to go and be a missionary
His family told him “boy, you insane
You gon' get yourself killed, get a bullet to the brain”
But he still went to do the work
He still went to plant a church
‘Cause God gave him a vision
And he gon' use that vision to help go rebuild the city
But now he starin' down the barrel
They tossin' up his office yellin' and they cursin' at him
You think that he would be scared
But he thought about the Bible and the words Jesus said
And now he prayin' for the killers
Like even if they kill me Lord bring these boys to repentance
Then his killer walked up on him, he looked him in the eye
He said “aren't you even scared?” he said NO …

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