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Ain't love, ain't love, ain't love a surprise. Oh yeah. Another dollar, another day. Some old routine in my way. My eyes are achin', my body tired. I'm all strung up you know I feel so wired. And then you walk into the room. Time stops, everything drops, boom boom boom. Vision of love, heavens above. I feel your body like a velvet glove. Because... [chorus] You're a sight for sore eyes. As a mater of fact at the drop of a hat, you're my love surprice. So radical, so very chic. But without you I feel so weak when lover boy comes into sight. I don't know why but it feels so right. Need energy, a vitamin shock? No way for me, you're what I got. Don't need no drugs to make me high, I just need to look you baby right in the eye. Because... Ain't love, ain't love, ain't love a surprice. Surprice me baby. Ain't love, ain't love, ain't love a surprise.

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