Lyrics to Sidney Wells
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Sidney Wells he drove the country North to South
On the walkie-talkie, shooting off his mouth
All the lorry drivers thought he was a laugh
They didn't know the truth, they didn't know the half

Sidney Wells he had a lovely line on chat
Before a girl could think he'd have her at his flat
Dansette playing soft, a gin'll do no harm
No one could resist Sidney Wells' charm

Cheryl was a waitress at the works canteen
Older than she looked, she'd pass for 17
Too pretty to be working such a lousy job
Beauty queen smile, hair cut in a bob

Sidney Wells' rig came weaving down the road
At Hennessy and Sons he dropped his heavy load
Cheryl checked her lipstick, looked up at the clock
She had a date with Sidney at the loading dock

He led her to the woods, the sky was getting dark
She thought it was romantic, thought it was a lark
Buried in her mind there rang a small alarm
But no girl could resist Sidney Wells' charm

Then he took off her clothes and threw them in a pile
He watched her stand there cold and shivering for a while
Then he picked up her stocking lying on the floor
And wrapped it round her neck until she breathed no more

He tried to burn the body, he didn't do it well
Up on a pile of tyres, it was an awful smell
They found her poor remains and summoned the bereft
And took her to the church to bury what was left

Now Sidney Wells he was a heartless kind of rake
The blood within his veins was colder than a snake
He didn't run, he carried on just like before
Until the CID came knocking at the door

The judge said, Mr Wells, the evidence is strong
Said Wells, I'll not deny, what took you all so long?
All you see is victims, all I see is brides
I'm guilty to the gills, and 7 more besides

They put him in the jail, he was ready for the worst
Justice would be served, but who would get there first?
He bled just like a pig slaughtered on the farm
The inmates weren't impressed by Sidney Wells' charm
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